governing boards and committees

Committee of Superintendents

  • Dr. Jared Cotton, Chesapeake

  • Dr. Tamara Sterling, Franklin

  • Dr. Jim Thornton, Isle of Wight

  • Dr. Sharon Byrdsong, Norfolk

  • Dr. Elie Bracy, Portsmouth

  • Dr. Gwendolyn Shannon, Southampton

  • Dr. John B. Gordon III, Suffolk

  • Dr. Aaron C. Spence, Virginia Beach

Regional Board

  • Ms. Victoria Proffit, Chesapeake

  • Mr. Robert Holt, Franklin

  • Ms. Jacqueline Carr, Isle of Wight

  • Mr. Carlos Clanton, Norfolk, Chair

  • Rev. Cardell Patillo, Portsmouth

  • Mr. Christopher Smith, Southampton

  • Ms. Lorita Mayo, Suffolk

  • Ms. Kim Melnyck, Virginia Beach

Management Advisory Committee

  • Andrea Barnett, Chesapeake

  • TBA, Franklin

  • Dr. Marsha Cale, Isle of Wight

  • Karla Stead, Norfolk

  • Gwen Jenkins, Portsmouth

  • Kelly Gillette, Southampton

  • Tanieka Ricks, Suffolk

  • Dr. Dornswalo Wilkins-McCorey, Virginia Beach

meetings for the 2021-22 academic year

Meetings will be virtual via ZOOM for the 2021-22 academic year.

September 29, 2021: 11:00am - Agenda - Approved minutes from previous board meeting
February 2, 2022: 11:00am - Agenda - Approved minutes from previous board meeting
March 30, 2022: 11:00am - Agenda - Approved minutes from previous board meeting
May 25 , 2022: 11:00am - Agenda -Approved minutes from previous board meeting

Guidelines for Public Comments at a Regional Board Meeting:

Any citizen wishing to address the GSA Joint Board during public comment must register with the Deputy Clerk of the Board, Stephanie Outlaw,TWO business days prior to the start of the meeting by calling 757-451-4711, emailing or in person at the GSA administrative offices. You must provide the Deputy Clerk the following information upon registering:

  •      Your Name

  •      Your Address

  •      The subject you wish to address

  •      Whether you have children attending GSA

  •      Whether this is a personal matter dealing specifically with one student

The Joint Board will always try to hear everyone who wishes to speak on a subject. Speakers are limited to one appearance of three (3) minutes per Joint Board Meeting.


These Guidelines can be modified at any time at the discretion of the GSA Joint Board.