How to Audition

Students must audition or show a visual arts portfolio for acceptance into The Governor's School for the Arts (GSA).

All current 8th - 11th grade students are eligible to apply.

We welcome students of all interests, races/ethnicities, gender identities, experience levels, and all socio-economic backgrounds.

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All applications are ONLINE.

Please read all directions carefully!

Please submit only ONE application. You may audition for up to three (3) departments.

We have extended the deadline! 

Deadline:  Online Applications along with Pre-Screen submissions must be submitted no later than November 29, 2020.


I. Complete the online application

1. You may audition for up to three (3) different departments but you submit only ONE application. 

II. Pre-Screen Submission

1. You must submit a separate video submission for each department to which you apply.  This is called a pre-screen submission. Each department will have different requirements. Carefully read each department's requirements before you complete your online application.

2. Notification of next steps will take place no later than January 15, 2021. You may be scheduled for an in-person audition and interview with selected department faculty on one of the following dates:  January 9, 23, 30 or February 6, 2021.  You will be assigned a date and time; you may not request a date.

3. Once an audition date and time is assigned, supplemental forms may be required from individual departments.  These forms will be e-mailed with your audition date and time assignment. Please make sure your email address is complete and correct on your application.  All communication will be done electronically.

III. Upload your submissions with your online application

1. Be sure to upload all videos and images with the online application.

2. Please record yourself in a full body angle, saying your name slowly and clearly, before your performance begins. DO NOT STATE YOUR HIGH SCHOOL.

For Visual Arts, please record yourself full body saying your name slowly and clearly, and upload this video along with your images.

3. Your video may be taken with your phone in your home.  You do not need special surroundings for your pre-screen audition.

Questions? Contact: or 757-451-4711 

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