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Student Handbook: 2020-21 (word doc)

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COMMUNITY SERVICE - Community service is waived for the 2020-21 year


(All GSA students MUST complete 25 hours of community service EACH year in which they are enrolled at GSA.  There is a pass/fail grade for Community Service given at the end of the academic year.)

Below is a list of organizations and activities GSA students have helped: These may be ideas for you!

  • "30 Hour Famine Fund Raiser"

  • "Project Memory" Portraits for Orphans

  • "Serve the City"

  • "Stopping Traffic " art auction

  • "Surfer's Healing" swim lessons

  • Art Exhibit Hermitage Museum

  • Art Exhibit Richmond Capital

  • Art Exhibit Student Gallery

  • Bra-Ha-Ha

  • D'Art Center Assistant

  • Feeding Homeless

  • Fine Arts Festival Larchmont ele

  • Food Bank of SE Virginia

  • For Kids Collaboration

  • Gallery Assistant

  • Gallery Intern

  • Grand Illumination video

  • Halloween event, Hermitage

  • Holocaust Visual Arts Competition

  • Kids who care Charity

  • Neptune Festival Exhibition

  • Numerous Senior Art Shows

  • Portraits at Equikids for Scholarship

  • Public art Light Rail station

  • Public art mural

  • Public Art Mural at school

  • Public Art Pig Mascot

  • Recycling container mural

  • SPCA

  • Stockley Gardens Exhibition

  • Up Center shoe design

  • Todd Rosenlieb Dance