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Dr. Shelly Cihak, Executive Director:, 757-995-1684

Deborah Thorpe, Assistant Director/Foundation Director:, 757-995-1671


Office Staff:

Kristen Outlaw-Hartman, Office Manager:, 757-995-1672

Alexton Craft, Student Data Specialist:, 757-451-4711



Main Number: 757-451-4711

Amanda Gates, Chair, Instrumental Music:                        EXT 1621

Dr. Stephen Coxe, Artistic Director, Instrumental Music:  EXT 1621

Todd Rosenlieb, Chair,Dance:                                              EXT 1700

Joni Petre-Scholz, Associate Chair, Dance:                     EXT 1702

Liana Graham, Chair,Visual Arts:                                           EXT 1521

Ben Wright, Associate Chair, Visual Arts:

Shelly Milam-Ratliff, Chair,Vocal Music:                                EXT 1424

Chip Gallagher, Chair,Musical Theatre:                              EXT 1318

Jeff Warner, Associate Chair, Musical Theatre:                       EXT 1311

Donovan E. Mitchell, Chair,Theatre & Film:                  EXT 1407

Sean Blue, Director, Design/Tech:                                               EXT 1609

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