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STUDENT PERFORMANCES adjudication guidelines+information

Submissions and payments will be confirmed.


You are invited to submit works to be considered for performance. Your dance(s), if accepted, will be placed in one of the programs by the Adjudication Committee. Acceptance will be based on quality of performance and choreography. No one will receive written feedback nor have access to the judges’ adjudication forms. You may, however, request verbal feedback of information on the forms. More than one work from any one school may be accepted for performance.

The Dance Adjudication Registration Form and Submissions MUST BE RECEIVED by Wednesday,  December 16, 2020.

  • A separate form MUST completed for EACH DANCE. More than one work from any one school may be accepted for performance. 

Please use DROPBOX to

We MUST be able to download the video. Videos should have no identifying information in the video itself or with the video. All videos should present a clear and clean recording of the work and all should have sound and adequate lighting. Do not use cross fades or cuts.

The fee for each adjudicated dance is $30. Payment for each work adjudicated must be submitted PRIOR to Adjudication. No works will be adjudicated without the appropriate fee.

  • Payment may be made online (plus a $5 processing fee) or sent via Checks/Money Order payable to The Governor's School for the Arts.  

  • Mail fees to: RHSDF, The Governor's School for the Arts, 254 Granby Street, Norfolk, VA 23510


An Adjudication Committee will BLIND REVIEW all works submitted. For integrity purposes, the members of the committee will not be announced until after the Adjudication process is completed.

Link here to see the Committee Adjudication form.  No-one will receive copies of the adjudicator's sheets BUT they may receive verbal feedback, based on the judges comments, if requested.

Schools will be notified of committee decisions via email.

There are several concerts during the Festival.  There may student choreography chosen for an outstanding student choreography award.

(please read carefully)

Number of Works

  • No more than 5 works may be submitted by any one school.

  • If submitting 5 works, at least two of these must be choreographed by students currently enrolled at your school.

  • If no student works are submitted, then you may submit a maximum of 3 faculty or guest works.

  • If all works are student works, then you may submit a maximum of 4 works.

Length of Works

  • Faculty/Guest dance works should be 3-12 minutes in length (maximum).

  • Student choreographed works should be 3-6 minutes in length (maximum).

Types of Works

  • Works submitted can be in one of the following dance idioms: ballet, contemporary, modern, jazz, hip-hop, tap, musical theater, or world dance or any combinations thereof.

  • Choreography may be by a faculty member, guest choreographer, historical work, or by a currently enrolled student.

  • Solos may be submitted by all choreographers but only student works choreographed for two or more dancers are eligible for the “Outstanding Student Choreography Award.”

  • A reconstructed work, where the choreographer is no longer living, may also be submitted. You are responsible for acquiring any permission rights.


  • Dancers must be full-time high school students, currently enrolled in grade 9, 10, 11, or 12 at the school submitting the dance(s).

  • Works submitted must be a final product, (preferably) in costume, and must be danced by those who will be performing the piece in the Festival.

  • If any dancer were to be substituted without the express permission of the committee, the entire work may be disqualified from performance.

  • Works previously performed at RHSDF in the last 4 years by your school may not be resubmitted.


  • The teacher in charge must verify that any student piece submitted has been choreographed by that student.

  • Faculty may have critiqued and given suggestions for improvement to the choreography, but the work must have been created and rehearsed by the student.

Dance Adjudication Registration form

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