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Small Dances in a small space

(inspired by Mina Estrada)

Solo, Duo,OR Trio performed in a small space

The 14th Regional High School Dance Festival Norfolk is delighted to offer an additional opportunity for student or faculty choreographers to showcase their work. This will challenge you to present a work with a small number of dancers in a small space.  We invite you to use this opportunity to submit work that is experimental, dreamy, wild, sublime, etc. "If limited space feels like a problem, then let your limitless imagination find the solution". (Mina Estrada)

This performance opportunity will be an informal affair in the Dalis Black Box Theater of The Governor’s School for the Arts building.


  • limit number of dancers to 1, 2, or 3

  • Minimal technical amenities will be available

  • Limited backstage and dressing room space

  • Time limit for works – 6 minutes

  • There will be a run through immediately before the showing

Submission Due Date- January 22, 2021

Complete the online application HERE

  • Application fee is $10 per piece

  • Each school may submit up to 3 works, up to 6 minutes in length

  • Submission video can be an informal presentation of the work in progress, but should be performed within a 15 X 10 space.

  • Dropbox the submission to and indicate small dances and the school name

Payment Information

  • The $10 per dance adjudication fee must be received by the January 22, 2021 deadline.  You may pay online or if you prefer, you may pay by school check

  • Checks/money orders made payable to The Governor’s School for the Arts and mailed to:

       RHSDF, The Governor’s School for the Arts, 254 Granby Street, Norfolk, VA 23510

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