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10 students maximum per school

Audition Attire:  Students should be dressed in appropriate audition attire. Ballet slippers are required for the ballet component. If you have had at least three years of pointe at an advanced level and feel comfortable wearing pointe shoes for the entire ballet portion of the audition, you are encouraged to do so. Students must remove shoes for the modern component. No warm-ups or sweats are permitted. It is suggested students wear convertible tights.

Teachers please note carefully: In determining which of your students will take part in the Scholarship Auditions, make sure that each one is capable of executing the following criteria at an advanced level:

Ballet Components and Criteria: Please wear POINTE Shoes if you dance en pointe.  (There will be NO BARRE component to the auditions) The combination will include the following and will be the same for all auditioning:  Adagio – includes extensions moving in and through body positions, port de bras and épaulement.  Multiple tours and balances on relevé.  Petite Allegro including batterie  Grand Allegro

Modern Components and Criteria: The combination will include the following and will be the same for all auditioning:  Spine work: Contractions, spinal succession, tilts  Floor work- rolling to, from and on the floor  Tilts, spirals, recovery, fall and rebound  Combination with big directional changes, turns, jumps, and floor work  Structured improvisation exercise

It is anticipated that there will be a brief Improvisation segment 

What to expect for the Auditions:

Mandatory Warm-Up Class Format - During the mandatory warm-up class, students will be given warm-up exercises to prepare them for the ballet and modern aspects of the Scholarship auditions.

All students must be pre- registered for the Audition Classes prior to the Festival.

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