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The Governor's School for the Arts is a center for innovation that develops excellence, nurtures creativity, inspires artistic vision and builds communities with a passion for the arts.

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Jordan Brunner, Class of 2002

  • Filmaker, Nominated for Emmy for graphic design and art direction for Curious (PBS)
  • Actively exhibits in New York City

Elizabeth Crawford, class of 2008

  • Virginia Museum of Fine Arts Fellowship, 2012

Eugene Cordwell Jarvis, class of 1992

  • BFA School of the Visual Arts
  • Character Animator in the video game Industry with a number of million plus selling games on his resume

Justin Faunce, Class of 1999

  • BFA School of the Museum of Fine Art, Boston
  • Artist, New York City
  • Numerous Awards, including Virginia Museum of Fine Arts Fellowship
  • Recently reviewed in Art News “Top 10 Trends in Contemporary Art”
  • Currently exhibiting at the Leo Koenig Gallery, NYC

Stephen Marder 1995

  • Intern to Ceramicist Peter Voulkous
  • Ceramic and Plaster Artist and Restoration expert
  • Ceramics Studio Manager, Hermitage Foundation Museum

Julian Moran, Class of 1999

  • BFA School of the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston
  • Beaux Arts, Paris
  • Artist, Belgium

Cecily Ochoa, Class of 1988

  • BFA Rhode Island School of Design
  • Director of Jaffe Arts Center

Erica Prince, Class of 2003

  • Numerous Awards, including Virginia Museum of Fine Arts Fellowship

Mike Schley, Class of 1992

  • Illustrator for numerous clients, including public universities and the gaming industry

Ross Ianatti, Class of 2007

  • Co-founder of Reference Gallery, Richmond Virginia

Rachel Wallace, Class of 2008

  • Photo Office Intern, United States White House

Tracy Wilder, class of 2005 

  • BFA Rhode Island School of Design, nominated for 2010 "Fashion Next Award", Elle Magazine
  • Jeweler






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