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FACULTY HANDBOOK -All faculty are required to read and sign the back page of the handbook.  Print the signature page and return to Stephanie Outlaw, Administrative Assistant/Office Manager or your Department Chair

Administrative Leave Form

Accident Report Form

Authorization for Medical Care Form

Box Office Record

Community Service Form

Equipment Purchase Request Form

Overnight & Out of Town Field Trip Permission

Inventory form

Leave Authorization for Workers' Compensation Form

Loan Agreement

Local or one day field trip Permisssion

NPS Workers' Compensation Panel of Medical Treatment Facilities Form

ODU Workers' Compensation Form

Part-time Instructor Evaluations

Payment-Reimbursement Request

Principals Approval Form

Production Budget

Progress Reports

Request for Cash Advance


1. Staffing Request Form

2. Contract for Services

3. Invoice

4. W-9

Student Activity Fund Deposit- CASH & CHECKS

Student Activity Fund Deposit- CREDIT CARDS

Student Activity Transfer of Funds Request

Student or Visitor Injury Report

Student Misconduct Form

Student Referral Form

Student Transcript Request Form

Tutoring Forms for Students

Visitation Permission Form

Workers' Compensation Refusal of Medical Treatment or Observation Form



Main Office

Main Office: 
757-451-4715 Fax 
254 Granby Street
orfolk, Virginia 23510

Dance Department

The GSA Dance Department
is housed in the TRDance Center
757-628-2747 Fax
325 Granby Street

Norfolk, VA 23510