Committee of Superintendents
Dr. James Roberts, Chesapeake
Ms. Tamara Sterling, Franklin
Dr. Jim Thornton, Isle of Wight
Dr. Melinda Boone, Norfolk
Dr. Elie Bracy, Portsmouth
Dr. Gwendolyn Shannon, Southampton
Dr. Deran Whitney, Suffolk
Dr. Aaron C. Spence, Virginia Beach

Regional Board
Jeff Bunn, Chesapeake
Ms. Jacqueline Carr, Isle of Wight
Dr. Noelle Gabriel, Norfolk
Rev. Cardell Patillo, Portsmouth
Mr. Christopher Smith, Southampton
Ms. Linda Bouchard, Suffolk
Ms. Kim Melnick, Virginia Beach

Management Advisory Committee
Andrea Barnett, Chesapeake
Liz Burgess, Franklin
Lynn Briggs, Isle of Wight
Valerie Tuck, Norfolk
Gwen Jenkins, Portsmouth
Kelly Gillette, Southampton
Maria Lawson-Davenport, Suffolk
Dr. Veleka Gatling, Virginia Beach


Meetings for the 2017-18 academic year
Meetings are conducted at SCEP, 6160 Kempsville Circle, Ste 300B, Norfolk, VA
October 4, 2017: 11:00am
February 7, 2018: 11:00am
March 28, 2018: 11:00am
May 30, 2018: 11:00am

Minutes- link Here

Main Office

Main Office: 
757-451-4715 Fax 
254 Granby Street
orfolk, Virginia 23510